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Teeth Whitening Kit

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What is the Whitening Group Teeth Whitening Kit and how does it work?

The Whitening Group Teeth Whitening Kit is a home teeth whitening solution, designed to whiten and brighten teeth without pain or sensitivity.

The Teeth Whitening Kit uses a peroxide-free formula to dissolve stains, strengthen teeth, and protect against sensitivity. Our Whitening Lamp speeds up the process, producing results in just 10 minutes.

With daily use, old stains and discolouration will break down and your teeth will look whiter and brighter.


How do I use the Teeth Whitening Kit?

Each Kit comes complete with a Whitening Lamp and Mouth Tray, Shade Guide, and Six Whitening Gel Syringes for a total of 12 applications.

The Mouth Tray is a one-size-fits-all design, complete with instruction guide.

Apply the gel to the top and bottom mouth tray and carefully insert into your mouth then hold the whitening lamp against the mouth trays.

The Whitening Lamp includes a built-in 10 minute timer that will automatically turn off at the end of your application. Rinse your mouth after use. For the best results repeat the process over 6 consecutive days.


How long can I use the Teeth Whitening Kit for?

The Teeth Whitening Kit, can be used daily until you achieve the results you desire. After this complete treatments as frequently as you need.

Our Whitening Pen can be used in-between whitening courses to give an instant brightness boost to your teeth.


How long does the Teeth Whitening Kit results last?

After your first 6 day treatment results can last between 6-8 weeks. For longer lasting results, try to limit your intake of any dark foods or drinks that stain teeth. This includes coffee and tea, wine, pasta and curry sauces, and even some fruits and berries.


Do Whitening Group products hurt? Will it make my teeth sensitive?

Not at all! Our non-peroxide whitening formula has been extensively researched and developed to ensure that no pain, harm or sensitivity will be caused to the teeth or gums.


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